We create sites:
  • Clear to simple users;
  • Stylish and original in design;
  • Convenient for updating by ordinary employees;
  • High-quality, incorporating 17 years of studio experience;
  • At the best prices for our level web design.
What are you getting?
  • A unique resource designed specifically for your business
  • Individually Drawn Design
  • Functionality necessary for the implementation of your tasks
  • Convenient admin panel
  • Technical support for 1 month
Website optimization
  • Analysis of “selling” search queries
  • Site structure and content optimization
  • Setting up basic links to a site
  • Regular monitoring of site positions
  • Processing information and entering it on the site

Web Design Studio in Spain «Pelican»

We make high-quality websites for your business in Spain and Europe!

Web design studio «Pelican», , we create websites of any complexity, implementing both basic and individual projects and implement innovative ideas..

«Pelican», a web design studio in Spain, offers clients an integrated approach to creating a website. It includes the development of the company’s site, organization, personal site and a number of measures to optimize and promote the site to the top positions in search engines. Our web design studio is confident in the quality of its own work, so each client receives free technical support in the first 3 months. The creation and promotion of sites by one company allows you to perform the work as efficiently and quickly as possible, because there is no need to search for and introduce a new contractor.

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Web site development

We carry out all types of web projects adapted to any business

A website developed by «Pelican» Web Design Studio will work for you. Attractive website design will increase the loyalty of your visitors, which will certainly increase the company’s profit. When developing the site, the corporate identity of your company is used, as well as high-quality tools allow you to add a high-quality visual effect and convenient navigation.

  • Creating a one-page site
  • Creating a Landing Page
  • Creation of promotional sites
  • Creating a business card website
  • Creation of corporate sites
  • Creating a company website
  • Creation of selling sites
  • Creating Business Sites
  • Development of a catalog site
  • Development of an Internet portal
  • Development Social Network
  • Website development
Создание и Разработка веб сайтов в Испании
Разработка интернет-магазина в Испании

Online Store Development

Expansion and commercial growth in Spain

The development of an online store is one of the most difficult types of site building. To make purchases without leaving home, to be able to compare the price of goods and their technical characteristics without visiting twenty outlets located in different parts of the city – all this became possible with the advent of one of the most significant achievements of modern commodity circulation – an online store.

  • Development of online stores based on the CMS engine
  • Template customization
  • Development of additional modules and services
  • SEO optimization of online stores
  • Filling online stores
  • Connection of the payment module for the online store

Website Promotion

It’s not enough to design a website. It is necessary to ensure its «finding» potential customers. Website promotion is not advertising. When promoting, the emphasis is on finding a site using search engines – «Google», «Yandex», «Bing», etc.

It is known that through the search engines most targeted users come to commercial websites. It is targeted, and not just wandering around the websites of the public. These are website visitors whose conversion rate into customers is very high.

In addition, website promotion for the main keywords on the first pages of the search results gives a very «long-lasting effect». Website promotion through its optimization can be called passive advertising on the Internet, the cost of which in comparison with its effectiveness will be low.

Продвижение веб сайтов в Испании
Обслуживание веб сайтов

Website Maintenance

In order for the money investment in the site to pay off, and it could fully function, becoming a source of income, it is important to maintain its work. In this case, the site support service is an integral tool for the effective and efficient website performance. Competitors of the company do not stand still. Their sites are developing and promoting ahead of or driving your website out of the TOP search engines. Attacks, hacks are not excluded, as a result of which replacement of information, texts or partial elimination of bugs in the site’s functionality is required. Website support is aimed at solving such problems and helps to avoid problems associated with the incorrect operation of a web project.


Application Development

Разработка приложений

The community of programmers is working on a new application for all web designs or online stores. It is important to have an application that allows you to quickly and efficiently interact with users. There is an app for every need.

  • Apps Application Development
  • For smartphones and tablets
  • iPhone y Android apps
  • Development of hybrid applications
  • We publish on Google
  • Custom Development

Graphic design

Графический дизайн

We have professionals with extensive experience in the field of logos, graphic design and corporate image. Our image and online branding accompany our developments and promotions, and the success lies in the fact that our customers easily find out about them.

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Image Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Catalog Design
  • advertising design

Technical maintenance

Техническое обслуживание

We work from Monday to Monday, 24 hours performing technical maintenance of your online stores and websites. We provide training materials or web pages for all of our customers, but we are at your disposal to carry out maintenance work.

  • Web Content Management
  • Online Store Service
  • SEO Service
  • Social Media Management
  • Hosting Management, VPS
  • Google Adwords Management

Hosting and VPS

Хостинг и VPS

Professional web hosting allows you to have web space for your web pages or online store and all the advanced features of a professional hosting plan: hosting management, VPS management, VPS maintenance and the necessary backups.

  • Registration, transferred your domain
  • Hosting for your site
  • Hosting for your WordPress
  • VPS Virtual Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Servers