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Pelican Web Studio – a full range of services for small or start-up business!

The Spanish Pelican Web Design Studio is a team of professionals with vast experience in the field of web design. Our mission is to create web sites that are effective marketing tools for our customers.

The studio has project managers, programmers, layout designers, designers, content managers, and for each we can guarantee that he is a high-level specialist.

Spanish Web Design Studio "Pelican"

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Custom development websites in Spain

Our most important achievement is the gratitude of satisfied customers. We never chased the rating, but just did a good job.

For 17 years, we have developed and implemented websites on almost any topic. We have experience in developing custom solutions, we are not afraid of complex tasks and like to demonstrate in practice that there are no impossible tasks.

Индивидуальная разработка веб сайтов
  • Creating a Landing Page
  • Create a one-page site
  • Creating a business card site
  • Creating a company website
Создание сайтов под ключ
  • Development of promotional sites
  • Corporate site development
  • Development of a catalog site
  • Website development
Продвижение сайта в Испании
  • Development of online stores
  • Integrated Promotion
  • SEO Promotion
  • Support and maintenance of sites

Development web sites

When developing an organization’s website, it’s important to pay attention to design and content. Simple and unique design does not irritate users. Competent information allows you to find the user the right answer to a question or problem. After layout and placement of the site on the Internet, the developer monitors the correct implementation of all elements of the site.

You can order website development based on standard tariff plans or order an individual miscalculation. The cost of developing a site depends on the required functionality, on which cms the development takes place, the number of unique pages in the design. The final price of website development is indicated only in the final calculation sent to you.

Development of a business card website, adaptive websites, corporate website, official organization website, organization website

Разработка веб сайтов


Испанская Студия веб дизайна

Each project is supervised by an experienced product manager, partner in the studio. It combines competencies in marketing, design and technology. After the first meeting, you will have a draft strategy, an estimate of the budget and new insights.



For 17 years, we have developed our own processes and design production methodology. Our clients’ projects are becoming the best in their industries and are launched on time. And the studio is annually a leader in the number of professional awards.



To quickly launch custom products, we assemble mobile teams from designers and developers who work literally side by side. The solutions are based on modern scalable technologies: Python, React, Vue and React Native.

  • Reasonable prices

    Due to the location of the office in Valencia, our prices are on average lower than our Spanish competitors.

  • Full complex

    We draw, typeset, and, of course, program. We also support, write, promote on the Internet and social networks, help with hosting and licenses.

  • Web development

    We specialize in web development, regularly increase the specialization of programmers and are able to get the most out of web development!

  • Flexible price

    We can find a solution to the problem within almost any budget, and you can simply remove any line from our detailed commercial proposals, reducing the development cost by this amount. We also have phased payment.

  • We are able to listen

    We are always happy to offer a new idea, but we are well aware that the owner understands the business best. We are not principled in matters of taste.

  • We will help in everything

    Even if we don’t have a specialist who can solve a specific problem, we will find him and organize the execution process so that the customer does not waste his time and energy.

  • We hide nothing

    You can follow the development of your project online, and, of course, leave valuable comments on the development process.

  • Affiliate program

    It’s simple: bring a client and get an agency fee.

Раскрутка сайта и рекламное продвижение
Создание сайтов под ключ

Creating turnkey sites

Complete uniqueness

Creating a turnkey organization site implies the maximum uniqueness of the project. Starting from design and ending with content, your enterprise website will be completely unique, which will be appreciated by both customers and search engines.


Developing a corporate website without errors, coupled with reliable hosting, which we recommend to you, guarantees uninterrupted operation of the portal even under critical loads.


You will not lose any of your potential customers thanks to the adaptive version of the site, which adapts correctly to all device screens with any diagonal size: it is compact smartphones to large TV displays.